Jamie Saunders

Exercise Physiologist

Professional History

Hello, my name is Jamie! Having graduated with my degree in early 2021, I enjoy working with various clients and health conditions. As Exercise Physiologists’, we have a scope of practice that allows us to work with various chronic health conditions. This was one reason I began studying this degree as I found it fascinating how we could prescribe exercise to improve or manage chronic health conditions. I have always had a strong relationship with everyone here at Vector Health over the years. During high school, I spent a lot of time training for athletics with Glenn and the team.

I was fortunate enough to complete one of my 6-week placement blocks here at Vector Health last year, and I worked with a lot of musculoskeletal injuries, cardiovascular disease and neurological patients during this time. I have a particular interest in cancer rehabilitation and currently looking at expanding my knowledge in this area in the next 12 months by completing a Masters Degree in Exercise Oncology.

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