Relieve pain and joints in the water

Benefits of Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy (or Aquatherapy) involves activities/exercises performed in warm water to help assist in rehabilitation of a variety of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

When partly or fully submerged in warm water, a force known as hydrostatic pressure is exerted on the body. This increase in pressure and temperature promotes an increase in blood supply in the muscles, which in turn allows more efficient oxygenation of the muscle tissues to occur. This then can help assist in the reduction of inflammation, while also allowing the muscles to relax, which leads to less stress and pressure on the joints.

Not only can this used to help treat musculoskeletal or neurological conditions, but it can also be used to aid recovery post game/training session.
Research suggests that the following therapeutic effects can occur with hydrotherapy:
• Relieve pain and muscle spasm
• Reduce joint impact
• Reduce swelling
• Gain relaxation in the muscles
• Help maintain or improve flexibility and range of motion in multiple joints
• Strengthen previously weak muscles around the body
• Stimulate blood flow positively

At Vector Health, we are now offering Hydrotherapy as part of our goal to promote exercise in any way possible, along with improving quality of life in the best way that we know.

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