Miche Hansen

Team Member Name

Miche Hansen

Position Accredited

Senior Physiotherapist

Year Commenced at Vector Health


Work Experience in the industry

Graduated in 2008 from University of Queensland Physiotherapy School with Class 1 Honours.  Has worked in a variety of settings as a Physiotherapist, from Hospital, and private clinics.  Prior to Physiotherapy degree completed a degree in Biomedical Science and was head tutor of anatomy teaching up to 200 students at a time at University of Queensland.

Completed a number of external professional development courses including:

  1. Clinical Pilates – DMA level 4.
  2. Accupuncture and Dry Needling
  3. Womens Health and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
  4. PINC – Cancer rehabilitation for men and women

What are your professional interests?

An active interest in Pelvic Floor dysfunction, both in males and females.

Also an active interest in cancer rehabilitation

What are you best achievements

  • Representing Holland for Swimming in my teens
  • Representing Queensland for Badminton

What are two interests away from work?

Spending time with my family


What do you like about working at Vector Health?

The challenge of seeing the patient variety that I have the pleasure of interacting with everyday.