Kate Dyne

About Me

Role at Vector: Operations Manager

Work experience in the industry: 
I started out with Vector Health as a client 8 years ago.  My family and I had just moved to Rocky.  I joined a 12week running program because I liked running and thought it might be a great way to meet people.  As it turns out I was right and have made many great friendships along the way.  Vector has always made me feel a part of the family and has a completely different vibe to a ‘normal’ gym.  I began working as a receptionist in 2015 and became a part of the furniture.

What you enjoy about your job:
I love being able to help so many different people.  I may not be the one with the uni degree and all the knowledge but I enjoy being able to support people through the process of reaching their goals.  All of the staff at Vector make it a fun day as well! 

Hobbies outside of work:  
If I’m not at work I am either at the netball courts for my eldest daughter or at gymnastics for my youngest daughter.  I am on the committee at VPGTC so I spend a lot of time at gymnastics.  Every now and then when the moment strikes, I also sew or do crafty things. 

Top achievement to this date: 
I am very proud of my daughters and the wonderful ladies they are growing in to and all of their achievements.

Goal for the year. Work/ own personal goal: A goal that I stupidly made at the start of the year was to ride 2500km by the 31st of December (for all those riders out there I know it’s not a lot!).  I am rather time poor with all the sporting commitments the girls have and I am very good at making excuses but I really want to get it done…the next few months are going to be a lot of riding. 

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