Rebecca Patterson

Bec Patterson

Performance Coach

Place of study and qualification: 

  • Cert III/IV Fitness
  • 3rd Year Bachelor Exercise and Sports Science
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Hold a strong interest in Women’s Health 
  • Girls Gone Strong student

Skills in your role: 
Strength training, weightlifting, CrossFit/functional training, womens physiology & training

Work experience in the industry:

  • Women’s Only Group Fitness Instructor (2017-2020) 
  • CrossFit CapCoast – Coach (2020-2021)
  • Personal Trainer (2020-2021)
  • VHAP (2021-)

Favourite topic you have learnt about or want to learn about: 
Women’s health & hormones with strength training – I’m still learning more about this but it’s something I’m super interested in. I’d also love to dive deeper into nutrition and rehab scenes (particularly in the realm of eating disorders and hormones with developing athletes).

What you most enjoy about you job:
Seeing a genuine change in someone’s physical/mental/emotional health as a result of training and exercise, whether it be from the start to end of a session or long term. I love it when people come back and tell me that their pain has improved or they could do something that they weren’t able to before. I love the happy dances and the sense of fulfilment that we can give as coaches.

Top achievement to this date (professionally)
Going out on my own during COVID to run my own PT business (Amplify HP) after working as a group instructor for almost three years. This was terrifying but ultimately gave me the space to grow and really hone in on the areas that I wanted to learn and develop in, as well as really mature as a person. 

Hobbies outside of work: 
I love CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting; otherwise I’ll be hanging out at the beach with my dog. 

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