About Us

Glenn Hansen - Founder and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Vector Health & Performance in RockhamptonOur Story

Vector Health & Performance (VHAP) in Rockhampton has undergone our own transformation since our inception in 2010.

Our Founder

Glenn Hansen is the Founder of Vector Health & Performance.  With more than 15 years of leadership experience across 3 different industries, Glenn’s mission has always been to develop and lead a team to deliver unrivalled level of care and  transformations in self-belief and physical capacity everyday.

We believe our team’s collective most important attributes are our passion, enthusiasm and care for the work we do. No matter our role, we all play a vital part in making your experience the best it can be.

Our Values

  1. Non-Judgemental
  2. Positive Attitude
  3. Excellence
  4. Results Matter

We KNOW that if we live these values in our work, you live these values in your own training or rehabilitation, then success happens.

Glenn Hansen, Founder – Vector Health & Performance says, “I really wanted to establish a business model that was sustainable in the Performance Coaching industry.  I have been lucky enough to work with some great leaders and mentors and this really helped drive me to starting this journey in 2010. I had always done part-time coaching for a number of years, but was not sure whether it would sustain a full-time role and be able to grow and offer the opportunities for employment and growth that I have been able to deliver so far with Vector Health & Performance.”

A conversation with co-founder, Rob Stanton in 2009 saw Glenn and Rob start Vector Health & Performance, in the heart of Rockhampton in 2010.   “Rob is one of the smartest clinicians and coaches I have worked with, Glenn states. “His technical knowledge is amazing and I will always remember fondly this time working with Rob and be appreciative of what he taught me in the time we worked together.”

Our Vision

“I was determined to build something that would help change how care was delivered in our industry. I wanted to build a integrative model in a private setting that was similar to what you could achieve at an institute of sport. Somewhere a client could receive a complete experience that was care-based, rather than the old-school clinical models. I wanted this model to be able to serve anyone from very young to older-adults and make every single person feel comfortable, valued and as though they belonged.”

The business started with Glenn and Rob, and progressed to employing 3 more people over the first 2 years. “I think in about 2013 Rob received a great offer to work at the CQ University and he decided that this was a great opportunity so we parted ways as business partners amicably.”

To cut a long-story short, Vector Health & Performance progressed from sharing a facility to leasing our own facility at 102 William Street, Rockhampton in 2014.  Miche Hansen, Senior Physiotherapist joined the team soon after and our integrative physiotherapy led model moved forward.

Glenn and Miche work together exceptionally well.  “The secret to a really solid working relationship as a couple is the ability to stand on your own two feet and be able to know what you are really good at and just do that.  Its about knowing how you fit into the puzzle and understanding how everyone in the team fits in,” Glenn says.

Glenn talks about his passion about helping young professionals enter our industry and find their way:

“The Fitness, Health and Sport Performance industry can be very unforgiving. Over the past 5 years, I have spent more time working on my business leadership skills than anything as I believe my role now is to teach our team how to care for clients and patients and offer better transformations. I am really proud of what we have been able to do, in terms of developing health, fitness and performance professionals.”

What does Vector Health & Performance do?

What you see when you come to our facility and what you can be helped with are:


Personalised Coaching and Small-Group Coaching (Exercise Science, Personal Training, Performance Coaching, Strength and Conditioning)

Fully operational gym facilities with memberships available

Diabetes Education

Exercise Physiology

What are some of the other things we do?

Our Blog, Face Book Page and Instagram

  • We provide education that is practical, to the point and in our clients’ language. Please follow any of our social media or web channels to get access to this free education.

How do we work?

We work with each person on an individual basis. This means that no matter who you are, we use the science that exists, our knowledge of behaviour and changing behaviours. Our values and our mission underpin everything we do, and every action we take with every single person.

We fix people; We coach physical and psychological transformations; We inspire you to inspire others around you.

How do I get started?

Call us on 4927 8190. If you do not work a 9-5 day like many of us, then you can text Glenn Hansen on 0402 435 195 with your name, and when a good contact time to call back is and we will contact you. You can email kate@vectorhealth.com.au for more information or just drop in at 102 William Street, Rockhampton.