To assist through the whole process.

Our Coaches and Allied Health team are specifically trained in their field to fix, coach and empower you to inspire yourself and others to live a better lifestyle.

Our Promise

We pledge to be the experience in coaching and healthcare that you have always looked for. To welcome, listen and use science to help improve your health or physical performance. We will welcome you into our “family” and look forward to seeing you shine and achieve your peak, no matter your goals.

Performance Coaching (Personal Training)

Vector Health defines performance coaching as, “Knowing the science and making it into an art form to transform an individual or group into better physical, mental and emotional beings with specific goals in mind.” Whether you need to lose 10kg to feel better, or put on 10kg to play better rugby or develop successfully in any chosen field. There is science used within the way we coach which creates the art form in what we do! Your experience is everything to our team and so is the result we strive to ensure you achieve.


“We treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.” Are you sick of going to physiotherapists who only look at pain and nothing else, especially the cause of the problem in the first place? Our physiotherapists do more than diagnose a problem. We diagnose, then formulate a solution to the problem, including a very large focus on how to prevent where possible the problem reoccurring.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology is about using exercise as medicine. Specialising in the treatment through exercise of chronic illnesses, from lower back pain to diabetes and cardiac conditions. We pride ourselves on making exercise as practical and enjoyable as possible inspiring you to commit long term to exercise and improve your health. Our exercise physiologist are all university qualified and specifically trained to help and guide you.

Specific Performance Programs

We offer specific performance programs for Rugby, Netball, Australian Rules Football, and swimming. Entry to these programs are upon application and there are 8-week block intakes into these programs.

Junior Athletic Programs

These sessions are run throughout the year and are in place for children to be able to work on techniques in strength, mobility, speed, agility, and improve aerobic fitness. Over the programs, they typically will cover, education & learning of why juniors need to get strong and the importance of training – applying it back to their respective sport so they understand why we do what we do in the gym. The programs highlight injury prevention, mobility & stability exercises, basic movement patterns, understanding different movement planes, improving aerobic fitness, speed & change of direction, and just how to train.
Our latest program running: Christmas and New Years Sessions

Stronger for Longer Seniors Class

So often #TEAMVHAP is asked about what seniors health programs we offer. 
Our team always aims to provide unrivaled, individual care to each senior who enters our Gym. The scientific evidence behind training programs for senior’s health interventions focuses on the physical and social benefits of exercise. It has been said that the social benefits of exercise as you grow older become just as important as the physical benefits of exercise.

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