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For the past 18 months I have been a client at Vector Health. Vector Health has not only changed me physically but also changed me mentally. When I first walked through the doors I was a broken 14 year old. I had dreams to play rugby professionally but could barely keep my body in one piece for more than ten minutes. Through the help of the dedicated staff members and the team of physiotherapists at Vector Health I have been able to change this.

In the beginning it was daunting being the little kid in the gym, the one that wasn’t strong and could barely move properly. I thought I was going to be laughed at and that people would make fun of me, but it was the exact opposite, the older rugby players took me under their wing, they kept me on track and made me feel welcomed. This is something that Glenn really promotes.

At Vector Health they have an emphasis on getting the basics right. For me this meant spending most of my time in the gym doing mobility exercises and basic body weight strength and core strength exercises, the last thing any teenage boy would think they need to do. This extreme emphasis on the basics alone, fixed almost all of my injuries by making me more mobile and improving my core strength.

Using the personalised and specific programming, I have been become fitter, stronger and faster than I ever thought I could be. I have gone from not being able to perform a body weight squat to squatting over 150kgs and deadlifting more than 200kgs. I wasn’t able to perform a single push up, now I can perform these with ease. My speed and agility have also improved greatly and through a combination of fitness, speed and strength I have been able to avoid the minor injuries that I would have normally sustained. I have learnt how to use my body and how to correctly fuel my body in order to perform at my best in all aspects of life. I have developed as an athlete both mentally and physically and my athletic performance has sky rocketed recently. With every training session or game I feel one step closer to reaching my goals. This is all thanks to the amazing team and the facilities that are on offer at Vector Health.

Darrin and Janet Spark

We first met Glenn when Caribeae swimming club began their association with Glenn. They were looking to involve their swimmers in core strength activities to further enhance their swimming prowess. At that time Sheridan, our daughter had just had a knee reconstruction from a touch footy injury and was going to Vector Health for rehab. Jacob was a very active 9 year old and he really responded well to Glenn’s coaching and belief. Both of our kids took heart from the positive vibes and confidence Glenn had in them and have both achieved incredible success at National level at their chosen sports.

Sheridan represented Australia at the Junior World Track Cycling Championships in South Korea, where she and her team mate came 4th in the Team Sprint event. She is currently studying and continues to enjoy keeping herself fit and healthy. Jacob has won Australian Gold in Surf lifesaving and Pool swimming events. The strength he has built over the years following age appropriate programs, has enabled him to participate at a high level in a number of sports including; Rugby League and Union, Triathlon and Athletics. We are looking forward to the Pacific School Games in Adelaide in December where Jake will compete for Queensland in Butterfly and Freestyle events.

Glenn has always been supportive and flexible in arranging for training times etc to fit in with commitments at school, work and home. Thank you Glenn and the team at Vector Health for taking such an interest in the development of our kids.

We have made friends for life.


I absolutely love Vector Health! Glenn, Miche and the team have made it a very special gym where you are supported and guided to reach both physical and mental goals. I’ve always felt very comfortable training at Vector Health and can’t wait to get back in to continue training in 2016!!


I have nothing but good things to say about vector health. I was a broken down x footballer with a shot back, knee and shoulders. with the help of the great staff and custom programmes I have got full mobility in my knee my back feels great and my shoulder have never been better. Vector is a friendly environment with great and caring staff that are always there to help. The major thing I like is their is no room for over inflated egos and no intimidation factor when you go to the gym.


Best!! Motivating and very helpful. Will go out of their way to help you and your personal goals. A gym where you’re known personally and will frequently review and update your programme. Have helped me in my running goals with bootcamp fitness and strength training.


Great staff and excellent programs! I have many friends and family that workout at this great gym. I’ve seen some amazing body transformations and inspiring progress.


Member of Restart your Life Program at Vector Health.

My girlfriend and I always have walked at least 5 km a day in the early hours of the morning.  She was lucky enough to be going on an eight week trek to the USA, not wanting to go this long without any form of exercise, I started asking co-workers what they did for exercise and where as a general conversation, one of my co-workers directed me to the Facebook post for Vector and the Restart your life, which she was about to start.  As my children already attend the Junior Athlete Program, I was excited to join.  Zac provided a one on one session to do the ‘scary bits’ (Weight, measurements and general movement). 

A gentle approach was taken to our first week or so, allowing us to ‘get moving’ again and also training our mind set on the possibilities that we could run, squat, lift…  Assistance with Menu choices and advice was given, once tracking my food and getting over the ‘wow’ factor of some of my food choices (buy, buy Red Rooster Roll & chips). The only time consuming part of using the app was entering the recipes, but now it’s a breeze.

Goal setting was difficult to start with in the early stages, but breaking down to smaller goals became easier to achieve my ultimate goal – “Fit, Fabulous, before I was 50”. 

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of this program, yes, even the running.  My fitness levels are improving with every session, slowly getting flexibility back and I am feeling ‘Fabulous’, my skin and hair is even looking better because of the overall changes I have made.  Mentally and physically I am able to cope better with some of life’s challenges.  While I thought I was in ‘okay’ shape, I feel 1000 times better for being part of this program, I have and would recommend ‘Restart’ to anyone wishing to make significant changes or just to feel better about themselves.  At no time did I feel intimidated or judged by participants in the program or trainers, I only ever received encouragement.