How a Physio can help you towards better living.

Vector Health & Performance (VHAP) is the premier Rockhampton Physiotherapy facility. 
We are truly driven to deliver unrivaled care to each Vector Health Physiotherapy client and every Physiotherapist who
works with you is mentioned by Miche Hansen, Principal Physiotherapist at Vector Health & Performance.  

We provide Physiotherapy consultation and treatment for:  

  1. Musculoskeletal Conditions (such as lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain)
  2. Sporting or Work injuries such as Anterior Cruciate Ligament and other knee injuries, ankle sprains, lower back, shoulder and all other acute and chronic injuries related to sport or work
  3. Women’s’ Health including continence, pre and post-natal, pelvic floor conditions 
  4. Mens’ Health including continence, prostrate cancer recovery and pelvic floor conditions 
  5. Cancer Rehabilitation utilising Pinc and Steele ® method of rehabilitation
  6. Chronic Pain    


Our exclusive facility has customised treatment areas that are spacious and allow private and confidential information to be shared without the concern of having a patient next door be able to hear anything.  This is one of our defining factors in being the premier and most exclusive Rockhampton Physiotherapy centre.

Our multi-discplinary approach, led by Miche Hansen and Glenn Hansen (Director of Coaching) help drive our unrivalled care passion and help to deliver results that matter to our clients everyday. For the treatment and guidance and the best in Rockhampton Physiotherapy call 07 4927 8190 to book an appointment.

Watch as Miche explains how we approach physio at Vector Health:

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