Brittany Bailey

Marketing Officer

Professional History:

Hello! My name is Brittany, I am the Marketing Officer here at Vector Health. I have completed a Bachelor of Digital Media at CQ University in 2021. I have been working at Vector Health for nearly 3 years now within a marketing role. I have learnt so much along the way and now have great connections in the community. One of my proudest achievements within the role currently would be the set up and operation of the Mums and bubs: First Steps program. I put myself into this class headfirst and love making those connections within the class with the mums and their babies. It now needs little advertising for each round as it speaks for itself. Marketing win! Prior to Vector I worked at a couple of childcare centres and that’s where my passion to help mummas and bubs has come from, nurture and care does so much for people! 

I have been able to explore more with marketing with the connections here and have got to meet and learn from people high up in their expertise’s even if it not to do with marketing it all flows throughout the business. I can’t wait to continue progressing through the career and continue making an impact in the community with the services we can facilitate! 

Interests in and outside of work:

Outside of work I love being with friends and family. I have a new fur baby, Basil, he is a Dashaud x poodle! So, I love spending as much time with him and teaching him new tricks when I can! I also run my own photography business, Brittany Bailey Photography, so that takes up my afternoons capturing families in the golden light! 

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