Glenn Hansen

About Me

Head Coach

Year Commenced at Vector Health:

Work Experience in the industry:
I started volunteering with Queensland Cricket, and Queensland Athletics when I was 17 years of age, working with up and coming athletes on basic strength, power and core stability progressions. This work as a volunteer, was some of the best work I have ever done, just because it gave me an opportunity to give value to athletes, AND to learn without the pressure of having a paid role as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. This is something I personally recommend to anyone, looking to start in the industry, get out in the first 2-3 years at least, and do some unpaid work.

My role as a manager in the Workers’ Compensation Sector for 7 years, was around helping employers manage their insurance premium by engaging in better injury prevention and management programs.

The coaching roles throughout the years, including a stint in the USA as an intern, and now owning two businesses in the coaching sector have allowed me to work with a wide variety of athletes from different sports, as well as people with “every day” goals, from weight loss to climbing Mt Everest!

I have always said that my job as a coach is not work for me; it is a lifestyle and a passion. The passion and enthusiasm that I still have today come from being able to have a significant impact on the life, health, and physical performance of someone who has a goal. I get the same amount of satisfaction in coaching someone with limited training experience, as a high-profile professional athlete.

What are your professional interests?
Coaching athletes who need more strength, speed and power.
I love applying the laws of physics, and my knowledge of functional anatomy to create better movement patterns in my clients. Strength, Speed, and Power is based on two massive elements.

HOW we move – i.e. Biomechanics &
WHAT powers us to move – i.e. Neuromuscular strength or adaptation

I love nothing more than modifying someone’s movement patterns to see a great result for the athlete in their sporting environment.

My ideal client is an athlete in a strength, power or speed orientated sport, who is willing to engage in the coaching process and prepared to work on the little things to improve performance.

What are your best 5 achievements:
– Working with Sam Thomasson
– Bronze at World Powerlifting Championships in 2016.
– Working with the Capricorn Claws
– since 2011 and seeing the team make Preliminary Finals in the State League, 3 out of the 5 years we have worked with the girls.
– Commencing our own Rugby Performance Program and improving over 30 athletes in the first “season” of this program. Watching the results and the physical performance of all of our athletes improve.
– Seeing our first athlete in 2016, contracted to a professional franchise straight out of school.
– Building Vector Health. I always had a dream of having a multi-disciplinary coaching center. I love what I do every day and look forward to continue on building our culture and systems to help more people.

What are two interests away from work?
– Spending time with my family
– Powerlifting

What do you like about working at Vector Health?
I love having a team around me to work with and seeing our staff achieve their own personal success as well as seeing their clients succeed. I also love the feeling of making a difference every day.

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