Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching at Vector Health and Performance 

Performance Coaching is an interactive and empowering process that allows you, as the client to more set the direction than if you were just being trained.  At Vector Health, we encourage you to set the direction and then let us come up with the plan, and the resources to help you achieve your goals.

One of our sayings in performance coaching is “science delivered with a smile” meaning that we want to use the research and deliver a great program to you but do it in a way that makes you feel comfortable, supported and empowered to go away and do the little things to achieve your objective.


Shanita Smith – Capricorn Claws

How does Performance Coaching Work?

(Billy Geddes, GEDDIT Racing)

We offer a complimentary meeting with our head coach or one of our senior coaches.

  1. Establish your direction – setting goals
  2. Finding out about you – what has worked for you before and what has not worked before
  3. Finding out your injury and medical history
  4. Discussing about what program will be best suited to you

Testing and Assessment

  • Movement Based Assessment
  • Lifting or Strength based assessments (especially for strength athletes) using video
  • Running based assessment (For running based athletes) using video
  • Athletic Testing (VHP Combine)
  1. Goal Setting Review
  2. Video analysis and review
  3. Setting our corrective movement action plan
  4. Linking in Performance Improvement Plan to our movement correctives.

Jed Spear – Australian Trampolining Representative

What options for coaching are there?

  1. Small Group Coaching –
    • especially good for athletes and people who are at an intermediate to advanced level in their knowledge and programming. This option includes weekly programming, a small group session per week with 1-3 other athletes and access to our facility to do extra programmed sessions, and access to our private coaching group on Facebook.
  2. Private Coaching –
    • this option is perfect for athletes who need specific movement correctives and who have just started with Vector Health.  This session is completely focused on you.  Ideal for people who are really busy, or who have just started and need someone to help them with every part of their session, or people who have very challenging goals.
  3. Online Coaching –
    • you can either be a member of our facility or training somewhere else.  We offer full support, weekly programming, long-term and short-term development planning, injury prevention and rehabilitation advice and video analysis, including access to our private online members Facebook Group.  This option is great for people who are budget minded but still want a strong sense of accountability and support and who are prepared and able to train by themselves and follow a program.
  4. Junior Athletic Development
  5. Specific Sport Development –

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