Performance Coaching

Vector Health provides the most exclusive and comprehensive Rockhampton Personal Training experience. Our defining factors are: 

  • Our highly qualified personal trainers, exercise physiologists, exercise scientists and strength and conditioning coaches. 
    • Our assessment process
    • Our programming
    • Our technical coaching
    • Our communication techniques and real driver to understand each person as an individual

Glenn Hansen has more than 20 years of Personal Training experience and has been a Rockhampton Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach for more than 10 years.  His results have included helping athletes break world powerlifting records, win national sporting championships and helping hundreds of people achieve equally as important personal health, fitness and performance goals. 

When Getting a Personal Trainer, it is vital that you develop a strong, robust relationship.  Glenn Hansen meets with each new client and the assignment to a coach is largely dependent on getting to know you and understanding our team’s strengths to help each client. 

We do not do cookie cutter or template style training or programming. Every client is assessed, programmed and coached as an individual.  Vector Health is a great choice for you if you value your health and you are interested in reaching a goal or objective in your health, fitness or performance. 

We have specific program styles for: 

  1. Athlete Development  
  2. Small Business Owners, Senior Management Executives
  3. Seniors Health Program (Stronger for Longer) 
  4. Employers – Manual Handling Training, Custom Corporate Health Initiatives
  5. Exercise Physiology – Health Rebates may be available for these services for some patients 

Click below to make contact and have Glenn Hansen, Director of Coaching make a time with you to discuss how we can help you or to make that booking time alternatively call 49278190 – providing some information about what you would like to discuss.  

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