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$108 – Senior Physio

1/2 hour session.

$50 – Senior Physio EPC

1/2 hour session.

$98 – Physio (more years experience)

1/2 hour session.

$94 – Physio

1/2 hour session.

$40 – Physio EPC (more years experience)

1/2 hour session.

$36 – Physio EPC

1/2 hour session.

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Exercise Physiologist

$86 – Ex Phys

1/2 hour session.

$30 – Ex Phys EPC

1/2 hour session.

$154 – Ex Phys

1 hour session.

$154 – Ex Phys Program Upate

1 hour consult + new program

What is the role of an Exercise Physiologist? 

The study of Exercise Physiology has dated back hundreds of years. Initially researchers in this area focused on energy metabolism and the role of different molecules such as lactate, glucose and oxygen and their functions in producing energy, symptoms of fatigue, and musculoskeletal adaptions with ongoing exercise. As this research developed, it became evident that individuals with different conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus, Kidney. fibromyalgia or Cardiovascular Disease had changes to these cellular processes of energy metabolism. Today, a Clinical Exercise Physiologist’s role is to understand the pathophysiology of disease states, and how these and their medications influence a person’s tolerance to exercise, and then how exercise can be utilised to improve quality of life and activities of daily living. 

What clients can Exercise Physiologists see? 

Any patient that needs to improve strength, flexibility or cardiorespiratory fitness we can help with. We are able to work with any age group, including younger individuals with neurological or developmental conditions, a teenager after a sporting injury, a middle aged worker who has hurt their back or a retired individual who wants to get a bit of fitness before their next camping adventure.

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