Chloe Petith

Chloe Petith 


Place of Study and Qualification:

Central Queensland University, Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

Skills in your role:

  • Taking a basic exercise and re-vamping it in a fun and functional way. I use this skill a lot with paediatric patients to disguise exercises/rehabilitation with play.
  • Creating and conducting Mums + Bubs post-natal rehabilitation programs and exercises (including pre-exercise physical assessments). 
  • Assessment and treatment of sporting-specific injuries and dysfunction, musculoskeletal pains or injuries, post-surgery or orthopaedic conditions and manual therapy for headache management. 

Work experience in the industry:
During my career, I have had clinical experience in paediatric, woman’s health, neurological, cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal physiotherapy domains. I have also had the privilege to be a sports trainer and strapper for the Yeppoon Swans AFL team (6x Premiers 2015-2020). Additionally, at the beginning of 2021, Vector Health & Performance partnered with Victoria Park Gymnastics Club where I work alongside gymnasts during training, competitions and physical testing (this is a favourite of mine as I was a gymnast for 15 years and coached high-level gymnasts for 8 years before becoming a Physiotherapist). 

Favourite topic you have learnt about or want to learn:
I have found an interest in Women’s Health Physiotherapy and specifically the antenatal and postnatal periods. Also, gymnastics specific injury prevention, rehabilitation and overall gymnastics-specific conditioning. 

What you most enjoy about your job:

Welcoming and meeting new faces and hearing about each individual’s story. I also love the positive impact I can make or influence in people’s lives. 

Top achievement to this date (professionally):
Achieving 2nd in the Country at a National competition as a high-level Sports Acrobat. As a high-level gymnast I competed in several State Championships and State team competitions over Queensland, ranking overall in the top 20. During my Physiotherapy career, the best achievement is creating and conducting a post-natal mothers rehabilitation class, with extremely specific exercises targeting focal areas of deficit after carrying and delivering a baby/babies. As a new mum myself, this was a period of healing and rehabilitation I found extremely important and was needed within the Central Queensland community. 

Gymnastics has always been a hobby of mine, and although I don’t train or compete anymore, I still enjoy watching the spectacular routines on TV or in real life! As a new mum myself, I am enjoying spending time with my little one and watching him grow each and every day. 

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