Women’s Health Week


It’s women’s health week and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to shed some light on some of the different conditions and changes that affect women throughout their lives. Today, that topic is menopause.

Menopause is the period of time when it has been a year since a woman experiences her last period. From around the age of 35, a woman’s body starts to downregulate the amount of estrogen it produces, during menopause, these levels hit their lowest at about a third of their normal levels. Some of the common changes we see during and after menopause are decreases in bone mineral density, a decrease in metabolic rate and a decrease in muscle protein synthesis. These changes mean that there may be an increased risk of bony injuries, quicker fatigue levels and making it harder to increase muscle mass.

So how can we help? We can design specific exercise programs to help you maintain your bone mass, and continue to support you in a way that you can still achieve your health and fitness goals (whether this is gaining strength, fitness or otherwise).

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