Hamstring Bridge

– Start by lying on your back, feet bent up slightly – Dig your heels into the ground and pushing your hips up into the air keeping your pelvis rolled under to activate your glutesYou should feel this along the back of your legs!

Dowel RDL

One of my favourite exercises in the gym is deadlifting! I love to prescribe this exercise to my clients. It has loads of benefits such as helping you to get off the ground and strengthening all the muscles in the posterior chain, overall it is a fun explosive movement. The first place to start with …

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Self Release Techniques

Foam rollers, trigger point balls, and swiss balls are common self-release tools used widely across the fitness industry today. Each has there benefits working towards… – Warming up muscles – Releasing fascia – Increasing mobility – Increasing range of motion – Improving posture Should everyone use self-releasing techniques? No not necessary…. Self-release techniques are primely …

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De-Loaded Squats

I love this exercise for anyone with knee pain, whether that be recovering from ACL reconstruction, osteoarthritis or anything in-between! Squatting is a great movement pattern for wanting to build muscle and strength in their knees but it can aggravate those who have had an injury or pain. So an awesome way to get around …

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Hip Thrusts

These are great exercises that are relatively easy to do and are great at tightening the glutes! Glutes are really important as they help support your back including your lumbar spine and also support your knees. When we are doing any kind of glute work we want to be in a posterior position to be …

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