Can you drink too much water?

Can you drink too much water? Some of the most common health advice is to stay hydrated – and for the most part, this is excellent advice. Staying hydrated is important for regulating blood pressure, plays a role in food digestion and regulating fluid/electrolyte balance during exercise and training.   But is it possible to drink …

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Childcare Assessment Form

Childcare Assessment Form

Why should I quit smoking?

Why should I quit smoking? Benefits • Reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart disease• Reduce the risk of strokes• Reduce the risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, and lungs• Moving will feel easier (greater exercise capacity)• Greater energy levels• Skin will look younger• Teeth will be whiter• Be a role model for …

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What is a perineal massage

What is a Perineal Massage? Perineal massage is a technique often used by the pregnant mother, or partner, to prep the pelvic floor for vaginal childbirth. It is the method of stretching and introducing pressure sensations to the perineum (birth passage usually stretched during the crowning stage of vaginal birth). The aim is to decrease …

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Love your Body

Love your Body is a project started by Krishelle Greentree and 4 of her university friends studying Digital Marketing at CQUniversity. It was started as a university project, however from the chat we have had yesterday hopefully will work into a lot more than a 2 week brainstorming exercise. I think what is being created …

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