Did you know that our bodies are 70% water? Why is it important to know this?


Our heart rate and body temperature increases when we exercise or are out in the heat on a hot day. The way our body regulates this increase in body temperature is through sweating (evaporation), through a process called thermoregulation. Once we finish exercising, we need to replace the fluid lost by rehydrating. Rehydrating after exercise is vital for recovery. Sports drinks are a great way to replenish the minerals (sodium & potassium) excreted through the sweat glands.

Are you dehydrated? Here are the signs of dehydration:
💧 Dark colours urine
💧 Headaches
💧 Dizziness
💧 Tiredness
💧 Irritability

The current recommendations for water intake are:
Women = 8 cups or ~ 2L/day.
Males = 10 cups or ~ 2.6L/day.

Water doesn’t have to be consumed in the form of a liquid; it is also abundant in many fruits & vegetables. It’s essential to drink water over drinks with carbonation, sugar, or alcohol.
Other benefits water has on the body:
– Regulate body temperature
– Aid in digestion & nutrient absorption
– Protects organs & tissues
– Assists in removal of waste products
– Prevents constipation
– Supports cell growth & production
*(1 cup = 250ml).

However, if you have chronic kidney disease, heart failure or liver disease, please speak with your GP as your water requirements are different.
– Jamie Saunders – Exercise Physiologist

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