Junior Athlete Development

Junior Developmental Classes

Junior Athletics Classes

These classes are perfect for children dedicated to their respective sport and are looking to progress further in their fitness and skills. In these sessions there will be education on correct technique for exercises and will work through techniques in strength, mobility, speed, agility and improve aerobic fitness.

Over the term we cover education & learning of why juniors need to get strong and the importance of training – applying it back to their respective sport so they understand why we do what we do in the gym. It will highlight injury prevention, mobility & stability exercises, basic movement patterns, understanding different movement planes, improving aerobic fitness, speed & change of direction and how to train correctly.

Throughout each term we do detailed testing with each child to find strengths and weakness and then base programs to assist each child to be able to make progress throughout the term.

Information on classes

Coaches: Bec Patterson, Jordan Moffitt
Days current classes run:
Tues: 6 am
Thurs: 6 am

Coaches: Renae Hay, Zoe Dick
Days current classes run:
Tues: 4 pm
Wed: 6:30 am
Thurs: 4 pm
Fri: 6:30 am

Prices per 10 week term:
1 day a week $210
2 days a week $365

If you are an existing client with no changes to medical history or personal details please click here to enrol

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