Physiotherapy at Home

Here at Vector Health, we are always looking at new ways that we can help people in our community.
This year we have decided to venture out of the clinic to be able to help those that can’t come to us.
These appointments will be available for our Physiotherapists to come to your house or facility
to provide exceptional care within your comfort zone.

Who is Physiotherapy at Home suitable for?

  1. People who are unable to transport themselves to our facility for care.
  2. When it is safer from a physical, emotional or mental wellbeing point of view to have us help you at home.

Locations we offer:
Emu Park
North Rockhampton
South Rockhampton

You do not need a referral to see one of our Physiotherapists at Home


Our clinicians regularly monitor their own well-being in relation to sickness. We strongly urge you to do the same as well in relation to keeping us all healthy.


The safety, health and well-being of our team and patients are the highest priority. To have at home Physiotherapy the following questions may be asked prior to booking:

  1. Do you have pets, will they be stored away from treatment areas?
  2. Is your place of residence safe for someone to visit?
  3. Is there any asbestos present that you know of in the property? Has this asbestos been disturbed in any way?
  4. Does anyone in the house have a use or dependence on prescription or non-prescription medication?

We are committed to the safety, welfare and consideration of our team and our patients in asking these questions.

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