What is Animal Physiotherapy?

Much the same as physiotherapy for human’s, physiotherapy for animals aims to work with the animal and the owner to help improve function, reduce pain and maintain quality of life for the animal. 

The theory of human physiotherapy with further education of animal anatomy and mechanic is used together to gain a detailed assessment which is then used to develop a treatment plan according to the specific needs of the animal. Therapies used can include strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy, massage, stretching, taping and therapeutic ultrasound. 

How can it help?

Animal physiotherapists develop treatments to reduce pain that may be caused by injury or certain joint conditions, improve range of motion to facilitate better functioning, aid in the recovery of bone and soft tissue injury or surgical procedures and improve the quality of life. 
Physiotherapists will work closely with you, your vet, farrier, trainer, stable hands and farm hands to ensure the best possible treatment is achieved. 

What animals can Physiotherapists treat?


animal physio

When to get Physiotherapy help for your animal?

Animals can tell us they’re in pain in several different ways. Obvious signs of lameness, shying away from touch, reduced movement and not being able to complete tasks they could before all indicate pain however there are also some not so obvious signs. Animals in pain can become more aggressive, go off their food, become lethargic and be ‘not their usual selves’. 
If you notice this with your animal physiotherapy intervention could assist in your animal’s recovery.

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