Rehab and Sports Injury

Sports Injuries

Whilst treating the immediate injury and providing the appropriate rehabilitation is something that a Physiotherapist is perfect for, I love being able to assist with the improvement of Sporting Injuries. By using a more global approach I calm the nervous system, allow any compensating soft tissues to relax and function better, and to reduce pain to the site of the injury. Often after an injury we will compensate our movement patterns in order to avoid the pain associated with it. This can lead to postural deviations which then leads to more pain. Finding and releasing the tightened structures from this compensation is as individual as injuries are. 


Often Rehabilitation can be stressful, painful and frustrating. I take a global approach to this for clients. Reducing Central Nervous System overload can help with the whole process. By using soft tissue releases (Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Myofascial Dry Needling) on tightened structures and encouraging better motion to restricted joints (Joint Mobilising, Muscle Energy Techniques), I can help the body to adjust to the rehabilitation process. 

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