Why do we need Hamstrings?

So we have found we get a lot of questions about what a hamstring is and how it works, I asked Bridget Nash our Exercise Physiologist if she could run us through these questions so hopefully, you will get some answers!

Using Jonny, our anatomically correct skeleton, to demonstrate where our pelvis is and our thigh bone (femur) is and how the hamstring attaches along the back of the pelvis, down the thigh bone, and connects into the medial and lateral part of the knee and even the tibia.

The main use for this muscle group is to bring the two points together, so to bend our knee and bring the leg up in our gate cycle, and they aid in hip extension which allows us to bend forwards and backward. The hamstring also has a role in protecting your ACL where the hamstring attaches to the tibia helping it move back behind so that it protects the ACL from any sheering forces that we experience during sports.

Watch to the end to find out other ways the hamstring helps you move!

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