Why do we do Early Child Developmental Screenings?

Do you have any queries or questions about whether your child is reaching age-appropriate milestones? 


A developmental screen is a general measure of your child’s development (fine and gross motor). Screenings provide a holistic overview of your child’s strengths and needs. 


It can help you to celebrate and nurture your child’s strengths and provide you with supportive strategies if there are any areas that your child may need extra assistance or practice with. 


Children (0-8 years)

What happens during a screening:  

All developmental screenings will be conducted by a qualified Physiotherapist. In addition, the screener will complete an interactive and play-based standardized screening with you and your child. The screening will be scored, and results will be shared with the parent/ caregiver. If additional evaluations are recommended, the screener will provide that information to the family and assist in linking them to services. If further evaluations have been recommended, the family will receive a follow-up call approximately one month after the screening. 


  • Learn more about how your child grows, learns and develops throughout their early childhood. 
  • Identify problems or concerns as early as possible for the best prognosis and outcomes.
  • Screenings can assist your child in being ready for school.
  • Provide information to best support your child’s developmental pathways.
  • Celebrate your child’s development. 
  • Support their best-possible developmental outcomes and participation in daily life. 
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