Prostate Cancer and Pelvic Floor | Mens Health Week

Men’s Health Week is here, and we want to talk about Prostate Cancer. What to be aware of and when to go get checked; 40 years old’s with high risk, and any 50 years old should get checked. These seem to be the ages where it appears the most, so you want to make sure you have a regular check-in with the GP.

Symptoms may be:

  • Going to the bathroom frequently throughout the night
  • Changes in sensation and control
  • Poor sexual function
  • Erectile dysfunction or loss of frequency of erection
  • Poor flow when going to the bathroom

If you are experiencing any of these, please go and see your GP. If you have been checked out and are all good down there, but you still have some of these issues, then the pelvic floor is the next place to look at.

Some exercises to check your pelvic floor are:

  • Putting two of your fingers between your anus and your scrotum in the soft spot there, then squeezing up through there, you should feel a little bit of pressure. You can track the contraction from there. It will create a little bit of firmness, and you should feel that push into your finger as you’re down there.
  • Another one you can do is squeeze your butt cheeks together. Imagine you’re in an elevator; you need a fart really bad, but you’re trying to stop it.
  • Finally, with the pelvic floor, you will put your fingers back in that same spot between your anus and scrotum. You want to be able to contract hard and let it off gradually, and you want to be able to bring it on gradually and finish hard. Another thing you also want to be able to do is rapid-fire that contraction. So it’s three different contractions you want to be able to, and typically that slow into hard contraction goes over about 15 to 20 seconds, you squeeze really hard and let it off really slow for about 15 to 20 seconds, and you rapid-fire as many times as you can for 15 to 20 seconds.

If you can comfortably do all of those and still have some issues, please come on in if you want to chat about them. We can talk things through and hopefully make it a little bit more comfortable for you.

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