Meet Aaron

Meet Aaron I have had experience working with various people including disability work with the Disabled Wintersport Australia teaching people how to shred the slopes through adaptive skiing and snowboarding, along with fixing those who end up shredding a little too hard and end up second best with the slopes result in consultations with orthopedic …

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Welcome Lauren Kloppers!

Welcoming our newest Physiotherapist Lauren! Here is a little insight into her journey. Hello! My name is Lauren, I was born and raised in Cape Town South Africa where I’ve completed my BSc Physiotherapy degree in 2015 at the University of Western Cape. I started my physiotherapy career in 2016 working in a local community …

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Why do we need hamstrings?

Hamstring Strength – and some information about Hamstrings and their importance! “People tend to ask why do we need our hamstrings and what are their role within the body.” What are the Hamstring/s? The hamstring muscle is built up of 3 muscles, biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. These muscles work together to produce and control …

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Why do we test you

Why do we test? 1. Provide objective feedback at the start, during and the end of a training cycle. 2. Where necessary, provide feedback that helps benchmark against athletes that you are going to compete against. At Vector Health, we test in two ways. We test objectively, so measures such as vertical jump, speed, agility, …

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