Need New Warm Up Drills?

Mobility drills are a great way to warm your body up prior to a big workout and is actually quite important to ease in to it with these type of movements. Bridget Nash, Exercise Physiologist, shows are through some of the common ones we use here in the gym to get our clients bodies moving and feeling good before getting into any weighted exercises or something of higher intensity.

The drills covered are:
– Foam rolling of the whole body.
– Body Weight Squats
– Leg Swings
– Lateral Lunge
– Lateral Lunge with Power
– Walking Lunge
– Long Walking Lunge
– Overhead Walking Lunge
– Open and Close Gait
– 90 90 Hip Switches Level 1, 2, 3 and 4
– Dowel RDL
– Single Leg RDL

– Inch Worms
– Inch Worms with push up on knees
– Inch Worms with push up
– Open Books
– Lying Leg Swings
– Thread the Needles
– Shoulder Dislocations
– Pull Aparts
– Dead Hangs
– Active Hangs
– Bear Crawl
– Side Bear Crawl
– Legs out Bear Crawl
– Shoulder Taps

So as you can see there is a lot of drills covered in this video but you don’t need to do all of these of course you will just follow through your program from your coach.

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