What is cupping and how does it work?


What is it?

Cupping is the application of a ‘cup’ to the skin to create a suction. It is used in western therapeutic sessions to increase blood flow through the area, reduce inflammation, loosen fascia and tissues, and pull any build up in the tissues up to the surface for the lymphatic system to process and remove it.

How does it work?

This therapeutic technique can be used for a wide variety of concerns or conditions. My main focus in cupping is to release tight tissues, increase blood flow, reduce pressure on the nerves in the area that may be sending increased pain messages through to the brain, and treat areas that may be too painful for massage or trigger point therapy.

The main side effect of cupping that people are wary of is the marks left behind after a session. Keep in mind that not everyone experiences these markings. These marks are referred to as ecchymosis… it differs to an actual bruise in that the ecchymosis occurs when the blood leaks out into the top layers of skin due to the suction from the cupping. In contrast, a bruising result from an area’s injury, causing blood to leak from the vessels into the surrounding skin and tissues, creating an inflammatory response to the injury.

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