What to do if you stack it when you’re on your own?

falls prevention

Are you becoming more prone to stumbling? Are everyday activities getting harder involving getting on and off the ground? Maybe your parents are showing signs of slowing down and finding it harder to get around the house. These are all symptoms that can come along as we age, and there is something we can do about this no matter the age. 

“In Australia, this type of fall is the leading cause of injury deaths accounting for 37% of all deaths and in 2014-15, falls were the main cause of hospitalised injuries (41%)” (Queensland Health). Implementing a falls prevention program can aid in reducing these risks. These are personalised to your specific needs with an Exercise Physiologist. An Exercise Physiologist will do a full assessment to see your strengths and weaknesses and how improvements can be made for improved daily living!
Soon you’ll be running laps around us instead! 

Give us a call to have a chat about how we could help you live a better, more independent life! 

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