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Women in profession sport

The rise of women in professional sport on TV has been an awesome progression in the coverage of sport over the past few years. Helping more women transition to professional sport is something we are really interested in!

There is a distinct opportunity now for young female athletes to become women in professional sport like never before!

So, as a teenage athlete, what do you need to know about progression from a school environment into a professional environment?

How do you get to that next level?

  1. Develop a really strong training ethic early! The hardest thing to go from is not training a lot and tolerating a high workload but having lots of talent into that professional environment where you are working hard on a daily basis. This is a major shock factor!
  2. Work hard at school! Turn up, and try your best. Most professional clubs are interested in your behaviour and attitude BEFORE most other attributes of you!
  3. The main difference that I have noticed between the amateur and professional level is that at a professional level you have to get really good at doing the absolute basics of skill work but at a consistently improving high level! So, be used to working on skills and constantly strive for improvement on the basics!
  4. Look after your body, its what has to last! Get a team of people around you that help you with improving your strength, fitness, speed and another of the key attributes you need for your sport. Remember, 10 hours of sleep is still the best recovery tool you can use!

“The first world record athlete for Vector Health in Rockhampton was Sam Thomasson, with this 85kg Bench Press at 16yrs of age in 2015.”

Its really exciting to see these progressions and working in a regional area where we have such a strong talent pool. We look forward to seeing more girls and women from regional areas representing themselves and their regions on the professional sporting stage!

Often, its the people that just keep working hard who are not the MOST talented who just grind away and keep working and NEVER give up that make the professional level! Nothing beats consistency!!

Womens’ Contact Sport Program

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