Back Pain Explained

Can your low back pain be explained? Pain is a signal in the body. The video that I have included below is a great explanation of what pain is and how it works. So, to a person in pain, who has no idea of anatomy, physiology, or biomechanics it seems really complicated, right?  Well, even

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Caribeae Portal

Caribeae Portal How do we work into your child’s athlete development Daily Stretches Lock Clam – 2x 25 each side This exercise will help swimmers to get better hip extension, required for kicking (especially in strokes like Breaststroke and Butterfly). Lay on your side and roll forward until you are almost facing the floor. Straighten

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Love your Body

Love your Body is a project started by Krishelle Greentree and 4 of her university friends studying Digital Marketing at CQUniversity. It was started as a university project, however from the chat we have had yesterday hopefully will work into a lot more than a 2 week brainstorming exercise. I think what is being created

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Why is care so important?

Our mission statement is no matter how we grow, to transform self-belief and physical capacity with unrivalled care. What and how do we define unrivalled care? Glenn Hansen, Founder and Director of Coaching at Vector Health & Performance explains: “When I started coaching people, I drove performance and performance only. I thought to get a

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