Elevated Push Up Technique at Vector Health in Rockhampton

Well done Anthea on a fantastic Demonstration of the elevated push up!

Elevated Push Up Technique

INTENT! Its so important in everything we do in the gym if you are trying to improve athletic performance.

Check out this demonstration of an elevated push up technique at Vector Health in Rockhampton with the intent to provide POWER.

Power = work done in the time taken. Its the GOLD that is sports performance. No point getting strong if you cannot produce that force faster and with better control for a longer time than your competitors! Sports like beach volleyball are a classic example of this. You have to jump SO many times to spike, to block, maybe dive a few times into the sand to save a few balls. You have to win 42 points if you are playing first to 21 across 3 sets. So, you need to endure the power you are creating!!

When we set this program in motion we decided on a few key points: 
1. Build Movement Quality first. To build this we focused on a few issues – namely for upper body the balance being good quality bracing and then scapular stability to help the shoulder joint transfer more power. The improvements we have seen across 5 odd weeks now with Anthea is excellent and thats her work, commitment and consistency. Well done.

2. To build Power. Everything we do is to generate more power. Whether squatting, deadlifting, pushing pulling in whatever plane you like we are all about building the capacity to do more work in less time.

The demonstration of this push up is excellent and for anyone who has them in your program, this is how we want you to be able to do these. We know that progression towards a floor based push up is possible now as we are achieving our movement quality at speed.

Well done Anthea, great demonstration of this elevated push up technique at Vector Health in Rockhampton!

For coaching with intent on improving your performance please contact Glenn Hansen Vector Health on 4927 8190 or email reception@vectorhealth.com.au

Glenn Hansen - Vector Health in Rockhampton

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