ACL and Knee Injury Prevention Exercises

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the key ligaments that help stabilize your knee joint. The ACL connects your femur to your tibia and can be torn in most contact sports. 

Girls in rugby are 5 times more likely to injure their knees or tear their ACL than males and in AFL it is 9.2 times more likely. It is important to strengthen your hips and thighs to provide support for your knees helping minimize ACL injury. Rachel and Malachi will be covering techniques and exercises that can be used to help prevent this from happening!

Top 5 exercises to help prevent ACL injuries 
– Forward jump and land 
– Lateral jump
– Single leg balance 
– Romanian deadlift 
– Squat/ Split squat/ Single leg squat

These exercises are jumping and strength-based. They help condition your body and strengthen your muscles that support your knee which is what you want to focus on. These will all be covered in Rachels School Holiday Clinics and her 6 Week Program both for girls only. Find out more information about these here:…/servicesc…/rugby-program/…

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