Teenage gym – Is the gym a good place for teenagers?

Our Rockhampton gym @ 102 William Street, Rockhampton is all about making the gym a second home for young people who want to work hard on their goals. You do not have to be an athlete, you just have to want to improve. That is why our first value in business is “non-judgemental.” It is about creating an environment where everyone is valued, no matter where you come from, or where you are going.

So, to answer the question: Is the gym a good place for teenagers?

I am biased, naturally as someone who has trained well in excess of 2500 young athletes in my life. I have seen first-hand the benefits of learning how to train in the gym at a young age. Some of these benefits I have seen are:

– Improved self-confidence. Strength and fitness training is progressive. It relies only on you, no one else. The more consistent you are, the more results you obtain, which is a natural confidence booster. This is perhaps one of the most understated benefits of gym based exercise as a young person.

– Improve physical capacity. Being stronger, fitter, faster is a powerful tool whether you play sport or not. The ability to be able to cope with more physical challenges in your life is born upon learning how to challenge yourself in an appropriate environment. The gym is a safe place to do that.

Some of the long-term life learnings that exist from joining a gym and being consistent are learning how to persist and to undergo a challenge and come out the other side. This is a very useful tool when starting your career.

We are coordinating a program in the Xmas holidays for 2021 that helps teenagers enter the gym environment safely and productively. It’s a great Christmas present idea and the clinics will run starting in December and ending by Term 1, 2022. The clinic goes over a 4 hour period, where one of our coaches goes through safety in the gym, lifting technique and then goes through programming, goal setting and how to train utilising training variables such as sets, reps, rest, tempo to help educate on how to get the most out of yourself in the gym environment.

We are running a special offer, including access to the clinic, one month included as part of the clinic and a program for each participant on our Training App, Train Heroic as part of the special. There are only limited spots available, so book quickly!

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