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“No pain no gain” – What should you expect from your Physiotherapy session?

Too often lately I have heard comments like “I was in agony for 3 days so they must have done something!” or “That really hurts but just keep going”. There is unfortunately still a strong belief in the public that you should walk out of a physio consult feeling really sore, but this isn’t necessarily the case!

Sometimes pain/discomfort is normal during or after physio:

During an assessment your physiotherapist may ask you to perform movements or positions that bring on your symptoms, this helps us better understand which movements and structures may be contributing to your pain.

When you are injured or have pain, sometimes the treatment physio provides can leave you feeling “worked on” or a little sore or uncomfortable. Your Physio should ALWAYS tell to you what to expect after a session and give you tools to manage if you are feeling some discomfort.

Unless you are given a good explanation as to why, you SHOULD NOT expect to leave feeling a lot worse than when you came in, be in pain for days following, or have a decrease in your movement, function or sleep. In most cases you should expect to feel better!

You should always let your physio know about any symptoms you experience after your session, as this will help direct future treatment. Don’t suffer in silence and just assume “no pain, no gain”!

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