Stronger for Longer

Vector Health’s Stronger for Longer program is the best Seniors’ Health Program in Central Queensland. 

The Stronger for Longer Seniors’ Health Program is for people over the age of 50, who want to exercise in a group setting, supervised by Allied Health Professionals, where you know that the advice you receive will be trustworthy, evidence-based and all about the impacts of exercise on your mind and body. 

The Stronger for Longer program can demonstrate results that help improve the quality of life over more than 10 years of operating, including significantly increased falls prevention in our training cohort compared to the average and better strength and fitness scores than the average. 

Falls’ Prevention is one of the most important outcomes of the Stronger for Longer Program.  We do this by prescribing specific balance exercises that are based on the scientific evidence that is available for helping to improve balance in older adults or the seniors population.  

Another important factor is the social benefit that older adults derive from exercise.  Research has demonstrated that the social benefits of exercise can equal or in some cases outweigh the physical benefits. Our classes are set up to encourage social interaction and there is an active “coffee club” within our Stronger for Longer program, where members regularly meet for coffee after training. 

Some common questions about the Stronger for Longer Program answered: 

  1. Do I need a referral to come along to the program? 
    • No, however we may request information from your doctor or allied health professional to help us effectively and safely program your individual progress. 
  2. How do I join the program? 
    • It is best to book an appointment with either one of our physiotherapists or exercise physiologists.  We provide an assessment and take your medical and injury history to help us start you in the program safely. 
  3. How is the program run? 
    • The Stronger for Longer Class is split into 2 groups: Tier 1 or Tier 2. Tier 1 members are individuals who are new to the program or require an ongoing, individualized program to be performed under the supervision of the Exercise Physiologist. Only 8 people are in this group per class and are able to receive individualized feedback and continual program progression, allowing someone who has never exercised before to become comfortable with the gym space, perfect technique and reduce risk of injury whilst being amongst the whole group.

      Tier 2 individualize perform a circuit style class run by the Physiotherapist, this is mostly free weight exercises and programmed to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and balance. Any individual within the Tier 2 group may perform their own individualized program, outside of the stronger for longer class with our 23/7hr gym access.

      After your initial assessment, you will be asked to come back for a second, 1hour appointment with the same physiotherapist or exercise physiologist. They will then run you through an individualized gym plan that you will perform in the stronger for longer Tier 1 class for at least 10 sessions. At this time one of our staff members and you will review your progress, and make a collaborative decision as to where to go from there.
  4. Does it matter if I have never been to a gym or done any exercise before? 
    • No it does not.  We are experts at helping someone understand where to start from to help you improve.  That is why the programming is individualised to cater to different fitness and ability levels.
  5. Is it too late to start? 
    • No, very rarely is it too late to start exercising.  Exercise and training itself are progressive.  No matter your age, you can normally improve from where you start! 

When does the program run? 
We have supervised classes at these times:
8:30am Monday
8:30am Wednesday
8:30am Friday   

You are able to utilise the facility outside of these times, please ask for more details as we will help you decide on good times to come that are not too busy if you are worried about lots of people! 

Our facility is a private, exclusive facility.  This means you will not have to compete for space with other gym members during your nominated sessions. Usually, the gym space is booked out for the Stronger for Longer Program to allow for an exclusive experience.

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