Athlete Performance

“Better Movement = Better Performance” & “Make fitness your difference”   

These are two quotes that define how we go about our work to provide the best Rockhampton Strength and Conditioning or Athlete Performance Coaching.  

Athlete Performance is much more than winning one game.  It is about the long term view and helping an athlete compete and train without having to stop for as long as possible. Whilst we are training and competing we are learning. When we are learning we can improve.

 Hard work for an athlete is more about the ‘how’ not necessarily the what.  What you will find with our coaching style and structure is a purpose-driven mentality that filters from the Director of Coaching down to a Junior Strength and Conditioning Coach.

We have a 4-stage process of helping an athlete of any age, sport and background improve: 

  1. Relationship 
  2. Assessment 
  3. Training
  4. Review and Resetting

To explain each stage briefly. 

  • Relationship: 
    • To help understand how you like to train, what works for you, how you learn and what we can do to accelerate this learning response. 
    • To talk with your coach and other people as part of your “team” around you to help you keep growing and improving.  This is especially important for individual sport athletes. 
    • Making sure we are clear on goals, injury and illnesses that affect you and other barriers identified as part of our initial discussion. 
    • The most important part of this stage is to build trust and honesty with each other as this defines success in other stages
  • Assessment: 
    • We do not do templated or cookie-cutter assessments. Each assessment is based on the person and athlete in front of us.
    • Our decisions on what to assess are based on various factors including the need identified, weaknesses present, and what our training objectives are.  We only test and assess to help us plan training. 
  • Training: 
    • This is where the work is done. We consider our programming of individuals and teams one of our unique selling points due to our ongoing success over more than ten years and the success of our athletes during this time. 
    • Programming is all about achieving the training objectives set, whilst managing for any barriers highlighted. 
    • We generally negotiate the type of blocks of training planned for at a time, for example, some can be 3 weeks and the longest is generally 8 weeks at a time to plan for before a review and reset. 
    • We often utilise training as testing as part of our model and are constantly evaluating the success of the programming during training cycles.
  • Review and Reset:
    • This is where we might perform formal testing or assessment to evaluate progress. 
    • We talk about how we can extend our performance further
    • Re-evaluate barriers to training and improving
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