How to Exercise for Weightloss

So, COVID… What a bitch you have been. 2020 has been memorable for a lot of reasons. For a lot of people weight loss has not been possible!

The increased stress, the increased workload for a lot of business owners and employees, or the decreased workload, if you have been unfortunate enough to lose your job, are all factors for weight gain. It’s cruel, sometimes if you work harder, you gain weight, or you work less and you gain weight. 

Seems like a no-win situation. 

The common link here is stress, the psychological kind that causes worry, or an increased stress response due to poorer sleep patterns. 

Hell, I know all this stuff and it still happens to me and I am meant to be a guru of health, fitness, wellness. 

Well… looking for something to do, where you could potentially win some money whilst improving your health? Then a friend of mine, Chris Hughes, owner of CQ Nutrition has a great challenge on offer for you. 

Anyone who has heard me talk about weight loss in any context knows that it is about food/drink and what you consume. It is pretty easy to eat 5 times your workout calories in about 15 minutes if you feel like it. Do you know how hard it is, or how long it takes to burn 1000 calories? For a high-level athlete, maybe you can run for a little over an hour and burn 1000 calories. For a normal person that might be 2 plus hours walking. 

OR… you can click on the link and learn practical strategies on how to use food to help you. 

So… how do you exercise to lose weight. Let us look at it in two ways. 

  1. The research would say to perform resistance training as it will help you gain muscle. The reality of this is that you have to be sore for 1-2 days post resistance training to be growing muscle. Do you want to do that? If yes, then lets get started on that. What type of programming works absolutely best for weight loss or fat loss? That depends on you. 
  2. What you enjoy will benefit you far more than what you do not. WHY? Because firstly we need you to enjoy your exercise as much as possible. Dieting in any context is challenging physically and mentally. So, exercise has to provide you with some significant mental health benefits. Remember, if you stick to a calorie plan, the science says you should lose weight, whether exercise is included or not! 
  3. 20 mins of high intensity work, where you are puffing for 20 mins is worth 1 hour of a moderately paced walk, i.e. where you can talk the whole time comfortably. How much time do you have? 

These are really basic tips, but at this time they are more useful than ever. Make decisions based on what you like, what you enjoy, and what might offer the best benefit. We are not getting to make many choices at the moment, some of us are struggling to find the fun in life, so at least make exercise moments in your life that you choose to do something that you either enjoy or want to do! 

For programming, training, or consultation on your journey with weight loss, I can be contacted on 0402 435 195 (Text first is better please!) or email (Text is easier just because it is not possible to answer the phone whilst teaching or coaching!). 

Please specify your name, contact details, a good time to contact you, and what help you would like. 

Glenn Hansen is the founding owner of Vector Health & Performance. He has more than 20 years of experience in coaching people for health, fitness, and performance improvement.

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