Girls, weight lifting and facts!

Girl: “I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to be bulky”… Rubbish.

The myth that if a girl lifts weights she will suddenly look like a highly chemically enhanced professional female bodybuilder has been around for an age but it is simply not true. Here is why.


By far the most potent muscle building hormone known to man. So much so that some lifters will inject synthetic versions of it. Men have roughly 10 times more testosterone than women. This is why on average men simply posses more muscle than women whether they train or not.

Here is why girls and women SHOULD lift weights.


Self confidence

With weight training you can take back control and actually sculp your body to want you want it to look like. What a bigger booty? Do squats. Unless you eat more calories you are not going to look like the she hulk.

Weight management

Weight training burns a lot of calories. Not only that the muscle you do build is constantly consuming energy meaning the more you build the more energy you will burn at rest. This makes maintaining weight easier.

Bone health

Particularly an issue for women that have gone through menopause but also for younger females. If you train with weights from a young age it will set you up with a much more dense bone structure. This will help prevent osteoporosis and risk of fracture further down the track.


When you lift weights you get strong and everything becomes lighter. You don’t need to ask for help as much when carrying things. Now you can carry both your kids on each arm. Impressive. Now your back doesn’t hurt anymore. AWESOME. Life is simply more fun when you are strong.

So don’t be afraid to have a crack and lift some iron.

Written by: Simon Wissmann – Exercise Physiologist – VHAP

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