Simon Wissmann

Simon Wissmann – Exercise Physiologist

I work to the pace of the person in front of me and through my evidence-based approach I can measure success on an individual basis and not by a general standard.

I believe everyone works and responds in their own way and starts with a unique set of abilities. This is a core tenant of Vector Health and Performance.

It is important to ensure my goals align with each individual client as this sets the standard for helping them become stronger and fitter. Through this approach I am able to provide the best evidence-based practices for them that have been proven to work and get results, which is what helps achieve the individual’s goals.

The scientific approach that the Vector Health and Performance Team works off is what sets us apart from the rest. Often, we get caught up with big long-term goals however with any journey towards an ultimate goal there are set backs and it is easy in those situations to lose focus or become discouraged. It is therefore useful to look at what one has achieved in the short term and draw motivation and pride from that.

My former job in Rockhampton allowed me to work with major employers of the region which gave me a better understanding of the community’s health needs and the people in it. Coupled with my qualification as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and my position here at Vector Health and Performance, I believe I am well positioned to provide exceptional services and care to the community of Rockhampton.

If you are an individual that may be looking to gain more muscle mass and become physically stronger then I may be the educator you are looking for. This has been a passion of mine, which I have been pursuing now for 13 years.

Through my personal experience, University training and my own research into muscular growth development over the years I believe my skills in this area are at a far higher standard that most others. I would feel privileged to educate and train anyone who is willing to take the steps to improving their own health and strength.