Dowel RDL

One of my favourite exercises in the gym is deadlifting! I love to prescribe this exercise to my clients. It has loads of benefits such as helping you to get off the ground and strengthening all the muscles in the posterior chain, overall it is a fun explosive movement. The first place to start with an RDL to make sure we properly align our core, our back, and our glutes is with a dowel.
– Starting with the dowel along your spine, you want this to line up with the middle of your head, back, and pelvis.
– Feet approximately shoulder-width apart, where ever feels most comfortable for you
– Bend your knees slightly and squeeze your glutes
– Bending forward make sure to keep those three points touching the dowel, raising your bum up nice and high
– Shoot back to standing and repeat this process.
This is primarily a hamstring exercise so this is where you should be feeling this pull.

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