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I have been following the McGill method for many years now in regard to back pain research and how to minimise pain. This is such a common issue to come up with physio and gym consultations. When we get complaints we start by looking into the back pain to see where the pain is located, why the pain happens, what the pain feels like, and how often the pain occurs. This all determines how we go about treating the pain or correcting the pain or movement that disturbs their back. Things such as instability in the spine, stiffness, desiccation of the disc, disc bulging, and many other factors can contribute to pain. We really listen to the client about where and how the pain came about, this helps us to get an insight and allow us to make a plan to work in the pain and to also refer to a specialist if needed. Watch the video below to see this all in-depth and how I would go about this with Callum.

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