Post Graduate Physiotherapist Program

Helping someone start their career is arguably one of the most important jobs that a mentor, manager or leader can do in a business setting.  For the first time in 2019, Vector Health & Performance ran our new graduate program for Physiotherapy with Laura Justin.  

In this video, we discuss some of the things that have gone well and some of the challenges that a new graduate faces in our industry.  Looking at Laura and how she works as a physiotherapist 10 months into this program, I would say that the program has worked extremely well. 

So, a few quick tips for a new graduate: 
1. Your mentor does want to help you, but you have to be seen to actively participating in the program, by asking questions, following through on agreed actions and engaging in a vigorous discussion about why you do what you do, or why you think what you think? 
2. Our role as mentors is not to TELL you but to TEACH you. This means that what we are trying to do is take the knowledge acquired at university and teach you how to apply this.  
3. Thinking is the most under-rated skill you possess.  Develop your critical thinking mindset by asking yourself and others questions that start with or contain, why do you do that? How can I be better at what I just did? Am I sure that is the right thing to have done?
4. Be confident in your decisions.  You have spent 4 years learning, you are about to spend the rest of your life learning but so is everyone else.  Be sure of your method and your plan and communicate this with intent to your patients. 

These would be some of the most important attributes to develop and to hone throughout your first 1-5 years of clinical practice.  

For more information on our new graduate program please contact Vector Health & Performance on 07 4927 8190 or email

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