Knee Valgus

Knee Valgus is the motion where the knee travels in a medial (towards the midline of the body) direction compared to the foot or hip. In squatting it can be caused by a few factors.  

Its critical to try to solve the problem and in a post its difficult to pinpoint the cause of everyone’s problems as its usually very individual. The most important thing is that we find the way to fix it if its happenign to YOU!  

The most common causes are poor foot mechanics, and weak lateral hip rotational muscles in comparison to especially quadriceps. Also poor ankle mobility will help the knee valgus so its something to ensure you have checked over.  

We have been focusing on the SKILL of movement and learning how NOT to valgus can sometimes be as much of a skill as it is a specific strengthening exercise or program. We find they go hand in hand.  

IN the video Lead Performance Coach Malachi is demonstrating a valgus position and some of the reasons that it is not beneficial for you.


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