Malachi McPhail

“It’s not only about being a coach, it’s about providing healthy life guidance, optimism and persisting to help each individual build on their own unique character.”

As a strength and conditioning coach, I understand the importance of providing positive influence with maturity. It doesn’t matter if I’m coaching a single person, group or team I want to leave a lasting impact. Therefore, I strive to continually gain knowledge and improve on my own skills to ensure my clients leave satisfied, positive and with a good mind set to return.

The main part of my role with the team at Vector Health and Performance is to uphold a nurturing environment where we can work together to develop individualised programs to cater for each client’s unique requirements. As a coach I know that providing quality coaching is so much more than running a few sessions or organising a few games. It is more about connecting, understanding, developing to each individual so that with education, persistence and passion we can continue to reach whatever goals are desired.

Having the opportunity to work as part of Glenn Hansen’s team at Vector Health has been an integral part of my journey. Where I have been provided with unlimited guidance and knowledge from one of the most educated and experienced coaches in Central Queensland. Currently I am finalising my training in the Pilates Reformer and soon will be offering sessions.

Having played basketball for many years and currently a basketball coach, I have experience for what it is like on both sides. Looking back on my years and skills, I now appreciate many of my coaches in various ways that had never crossed my mind whilst under their guidance. Through this I have developed my own coaching style and a passion to develop young and upcoming athletes.

To say I believe in you when coaching is one thing, to back it with knowledge, dedication and pure enthusiasm is another. When I coach you, I not only believe in you, I believe in everything I am providing which in turn will help you believe in yourself!

Malachi McPhail – Lead Performance Coach / Sport Scientist