1-1 Coaching

Our program is about more than just telling you what to do. We provide a complete service. We can help you with rehabilitation, basic nutrition modelling, and refer you to more comprehensive nutrition assistance. We have highly skilled and qualified staff to deliver coaching based on improving your movement literacy.

Our philosophy is not about the short-term gains, it’s about seeing improvements across all of you – physically, mentally and emotionally. There is more to physical capacity than just training hard. We provide accountability through monitoring nutrition, sleep and training load behaviours with an optional SMS daily survey for periods of 4 weeks, that is based upon research to help increase nutritional intake quality and better sleep behaviours.

This program is not for people who want an 8 week challenge focus. There are plenty of programs like that. This program is for people who want a better life, and a better feeling every morning.

  • You receive a complimentary 20min discussion with our head coach, to talk about goals, and your current progress.
  • Initial Session and assessment – we measure using a Functional Movement Screen, to assess movement competency. We only performance test if it is evident when you first meet our head coach that you have a training background to justify performance testing.
  • Performance testing is based on your goals and is determined in conjunction with you in the complimentary initial consultation.
  • Coaching – we coach in 1-1 or small group settings. We have a fully equipped facility that as part of your coaching membership you have access to during opening hours to do extra work.
  • Re-Testing – generally between 4-8 week training cycles we will re-test formally, however our model revolves around “training is testing” all the time, so we are constantly evaluating performance and results week to week.

When does it run?

Individualised times based upon your scheduling needs.

How long are the sessions?

30 or 60 minute sessions are available.

We also provide the ability to share sessions with a friend, family member or another Vector Health member.

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