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The best part of being coached by Jordan is that he makes it fun and he makes you want to be there.

I am a Representative Netball player. My favourite positions are Goal Shooter or Goal Attack. My ultimate dream is to become a professional netball player and be the next Steph Wood or Cara Konen. In the meantime, I want to continue to improve myself and my game so I can continue to make Rep teams and squads so I can learn as much about the game as possible and spend as much time on the court as possible.
How is the gym going to help you reach these goals?
Going to the gym will make me stronger and fitter so I can keep playing and improving my netball.

Why do you go to the gym?
I go to the gym because it helps me be stronger on and off the netball court. I can feel the difference in my game play when I have been going to the gym. I also want to keep my body strong so I can hopefully prevent any injuries, as I don’t want to miss any court time.

What do you like about going to the gym?
Everyone at Vector Health is also really happy and the atmosphere makes you want to be there. Everyone says hello and always has lots of smiles. The best part of being coached by Jordan is that he makes it fun and he makes you want to be there. He always has a good chat with you and he is always there to help or fix you up while you are doing your exercises. Jordan always tells you something positive and he includes some of my netball skills so I can use some of the things we do on the court. I really like that he has made my program based on netball, and he explains to me why we are doing things and how it will help me.

How long have you been going to the gym?
I have participated in the holiday programs at Vector Health on and off over the years. I have now moved into a weekly program going to the gym twice a week.

Do you like being a part of the Emerging Athletes Program?
I have just joined the Emerging Athletes Group after I have been doing one on one sessions with Jordan. I really like the group because even though it isn’t just me that Jordan is coaching, I still feel like Jordan knows where I am and what I am doing and makes sure I am on the right track. I am proud of myself that I have learnt how to follow a program and do the exercises on my own.
Jaya – 13 yrs
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