Why is care so important?

Our mission statement is no matter how we grow, to transform self-belief and physical capacity with unrivalled care.

What and how do we define unrivalled care? Glenn Hansen, Founder and Director of Coaching at Vector Health & Performance explains:

“When I started coaching people, I drove performance and performance only. I thought to get a result was the thing that was important and I was not concerned about someone’s emotional state. It was keep up or die trying.

Doing Psychology at university saved me from a short coaching career. In hindsight I made some big errors in the way I went about what I did. Psychology taught me the importance of the emotional being in someone. It taught me that perhaps the most important aspect of improving someone’s health, fitness or performance was to first feel like you belong to something, that you have someone’s understanding, respect and belief. 

So many people come to someone like me because they do NOT believe in themselves. So, unrivalled care for me is to create a belief system by showing you that you can do “stuff.” That is why we do not post before and after transformation pictures. Because to me, as a founder of a business who wants to be known as a true place of transformation, the biggest transformation is within the places within you that you cannot reach with your hand, but only your thoughts.

What I perceive care is about helping someone understand, feel like they have the right and purpose to be able to ask any question and not be judged and to be able to be vulnerable in the moment of difficulty.

We try really hard to be more than just on the surface. What you see on the outside of someone is just the tip of an iceberg. We want the inside to be strong so the outside is resilient.

The model that our team has created over the last 11 years is unique and is something I will always be proud of. We call it an integrated model because we believe that our moving parts blend together to help solve problems for people. Unrivalled care is thinking beyond the surface. Asking, understanding and digging deep until we do understand what the problem is so we can solve it.

If you want a problem with your health, fitness or performance solved then this is what we love to do together. It is my life calling and for my team, it is front and centre everyday.”

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