Mums and Bubs Sessions

These spots are up for grabs! We had so much fun with our last round of mums and bubs classes we are opening our next round! We are super excited to get into these with you all!  Initial consultations for these will be with our Senior Physiotherapist, Miche Hansen, who holds a special interest in …

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Squat This is one of our main movements used to increase strength in the lower body. The main goal in this movement is to be able to move freely in this plane of movement with thighs being parallel or past parallel with a neutral spine. Try this one at home looking in the mirror to make …

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Front Bridges

Front Bridges are used as a core warm-up and whole-body warm-up. This will activate your core muscles. You need to be able to hold your body in a neutral line, with no dropping between the shoulder blades and no sinking of the core. You will want to be able to hold this for 20-30 seconds.  …

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battle rope conditioning at vector health

Women in profession sport

The rise of women in professional sport on TV has been an awesome progression in the coverage of sport over the past few years. Helping more women transition to professional sport is something we are really interested in! There is a distinct opportunity now for young female athletes to become women in professional sport like …

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Wall Squat Variation

This is a wall-squat variation I use to emphasise the need for neutral spine during an isometric quad contraction.  Shelby cannot dorsio-flex her right foot, so squatting bilaterally is not possible, however we want to improve her ability to hold a good position on a horse as she is an equestrian athlete.  The normal wall …

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