The mind muscle connection in muscle growth

The things that I love about what we do, as coaches, influencers and mentors to people is the changes you can make by minute adjustments to different elements of how we train. The mind muscle connection is one of those really cool ways to grow.  I see a lot of people training in the gym, especially when I am away from VHAP, and it amuses me to think that they think they are getting any sort of useful result.

My thought, is that if you are doing something, do it to the best of your ability, to get the best outcome for the time and effort you put in.  So, when we talk about this theory of “connecting” your brain to your body or the muscle worked specifically, it makes a lot of sense.  It follows the same theory as such as getting your brain and your knee joint to talk to one another to try to prevent ACL injuries!  So, why not use it in your off-season when trying to grow muscle, to increase size, strength and ultimately the impact you can create on your sporting field or court.

So, have a listen to Simon, our resident hypertrophy expert!  You can train hard, but are you getting the results that matter to you?  Listen to this to see if you can improve the way you train and exploit the benefits of the mind muscle connection!

For a science-based approach to training, come and talk to us at VHAP by emailing, or you can get in touch with Simon, Exercise Physiologist through

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